You’ve got your life pretty much together - you’d say things are going okay.  

But you keep having this nagging feeling that something’s off.  

 You wonder - am I missing out on something?  

Secretly, you ask yourself -  

Am I actually good enough? Am I smart enough? Am I sexy enough? Am I fit enough? Am I on the right path?  

I mean, let’s be real - you probably wouldn’t tell anyone about these fears…but they’re there.  

You're actually sick of feeling this way. 

It's painful to keep questioning your enoughness. 

You don’t need to waste your precious energy and gifts. 

You want to trust in your own smarts, and share your ideas with confidence. 

You want to feel amazing in your body and make more healthy choices.

You want to make bold choices and trust yourself.

You want to feel happy and loved.  

Through this 4 Week Online Course, you’ll move from secretly questioning your worth to feeling more loving and confident. 

Over four weeks, you’ll learn to:  

--> Tune into your true intentions for yourself

--> Identify your Core Desired Feelings

--> Practice self-acceptance and self-compassion

--> Plan (and actually follow through) with your self care

--> Grow more courageous in your life

--> Weave more joy into each day 

--> Manifest an even more confident, beautiful future  

As a part of the Radiance Online Course, you'll have access to: 

* Four Modules - including readings, videos, audio recordings, journal prompts, worksheets, and resources all designed to help you delve deeper in your personal self love journey. (Lifetime access to these modules.) 

* Radiance Facebook Group Access - a private community to come together, share, ask questions, and receive support and inspiration.

MODULE 1 - Intentions

Set powerful intentions for your own self love this month, learn about Core Desired Feelings, and prepare yourself for the month ahead. 

MODULE 2 - Acceptance + Care

Learn about practicing self-acceptance and self-compassion, and identify powerful self-care techniques. 

MODULE 3 - Courage

Grow more courageous and fierce in your self love with and develop a courageous mindset. 

MODULE 4 - Joy

Weave joy into your life, feel your own power, and learn how to manifest a more confident, beautiful future. 

In a world where you’re always running to keep up, it’s hard to remember to focus some extra care an love towards yourself. 

It’s hard to remember to do even those little things - like giving yourself time to rest, forgiving yourself, accepting yourself, and letting yourself be good enough. And even if you know intellectually to do those things, how does anyone really do this?  

We’ve got your back.  

Blaze Bell  

Blaze spent nearly a decade of her life stuck in fear. With no healthy coping skills, she turned to alcohol, drugs, and disordered eating to numb her pain.  

She often woke up feeling regret, shame, and powerlessness. She no longer trusted herself which led to a deep dislike for who she’d become. 

Blaze believes that her capacity to serve you comes from her personal healing work. She learned many lessons by overcoming painful challenges which gave her the opportunity to heal in powerful ways. 

She has recovered from addiction, an eating disorder, and PTSD from past trauma. As a certified coach, award-winning singer, and speaker, Blaze knows first-hand how it feels to be stuck, to be in pain, and to be without healthy coping skills. 

Solveig Pedersen  

Solveig remembers times in her life where she experienced serious self-doubt. She would question her beliefs and opinions, and struggle to speak up for fear that what she had to say wasn’t smart enough and that she would embarrass herself. 

She also struggled with body image - and would often feel too big and frustrated that she just couldn’t be the “right" size.

Solveig's passion for coaching is rooted in her journey to move beyond self-doubt, stress, overwhelm and burnout.

As a certified coach and university instructor, she has gathered many resources and tools to help you get unstuck, build your confidence and courage, and live a vibrant, authentic, open-hearted life. 

On both of our paths, we’ve faced struggles with feeling “enoughness.”  

Through our devotion to 


we’ve found our way to live in the world, to love ourselves (quirks, imperfections, and all), and to show up as leaders and changemakers.  

By joining Radiance, you’ll learn the self love tools and tricks that have led us to be our best versions of ourselves.  

These are the tools that give us the confidence to show up, serve others, and share our gifts without letting our self-doubt and fear cloud our purpose.  

You get special access to what helps us do this with confidence and radiance.  

This course is perfect for you if:  

--> You're a woman who has a busy schedule, but wants to make time to love yourself more.  

--> You’re open to learning, growing, and trying out some new cool stuff to make your life even more extraordinary.  

--> You know life is meant to be lived fully, and you’re committed to being the best version of yourself.  

“Before starting the Radiance course I was feeling a bit disconnected from myself. Radiance really taught me it's about loving yourself in the present moment. This course helped me fall back in love with myself on a deeper level than ever before and I am now in a place where I actually love how I feel about myself."



It was helpful connecting with others who have similar concerns and knowing that we are not alone! The process of having someone ask me to tell something good that has happened, makes me have to recognize that something good HAS happened and get excited about it, more so than I would have. I feel like I now have better things to tell myself when I begin an inner monologue." 


"Radiance gave me a framework to actually pay attention to & nurture my own self love on a daily basis. Only great things come from that investment!" 


I learned that being gentle with yourself while also stepping into vulnerability is how we are going to make change in our own minds. I would ( and will) absolutely recommend this course to several people. There are so many people who could benefit from the amazing material Solveig and Blaze put together. You two have created a beautiful space for people to feel safe, supported and loved! You two are a dynamite team, bringing in different unique strengths!" 


“Joining Radiance allowed me to tap into an area where I could combine my feminine 'girly-ness' with the judgment I put on myself daily. I felt comfortable talking about my insecurities and sharing uplifting experiences in the same conversation. It is such a great group to be able to say what is on my mind without another thought. Very empowering! "


"Solveig and Blaze are positive and loving group facilitators! Thank you both for all of the time and love you put into this course! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate!" 


Online Teaching, Worksheets, + Resources Value: $1000

*** Private Facebook Community Support : $500

*** Total Course Value: $1,500

*** Your total investment for this online course is $111  

If it’s time to stop doubting yourself, and start living a more extraordinary life, join us!  


Q: I'm crazy busy - should I join? 

A: The modules will be available to you with lifetime access, so you should have plenty of time to get into the material at your leisure.

Q: I don't have a Facebook account. Do I need one for this? 

A: You do not need to have a Facebook account to be a part of the course, but you will miss announcements and the online community there.  

Q: Is this course only for women?

A: We've designed this course for anyone who identifies as a woman or womxn. Anyone can sign up, but we've created the course with that intention. 

Q: What sort of time investment is required?

A: You'll want to devote at least two hours per week for reviewing each module. Total, we estimate the course to take about 8 hours.

Q: Is there a payment plan option for this course? 

A: We would be happy to discuss a payment plan option if it would make it an easier YES for you. Contact us at sol@solandheart.com or blaze@blazebell.com to discuss. 

Q: What's your refund policy?

A: For this online course we do not offer refunds. Please purchase mindfully. Reach out to us with any questions before purchasing at sol@solandheart.com or blaze@blazebell.com.